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2008 STUFF:

27 DEC 2008  - THE 2008 HERITAGE CADILLAC SHOW:  Better late than... Check out these beauties from the Chicagoland area.   If Cadillac still built cars like these, would GM really be asking the government to bail them out?  Yeah, probably, but only because the average American today doesn't understand what makes a car great.  


27 DEC 2008 - HERSHEY PICS:   A little delayed, yes... Click HERE for all the cool stuff you missed this year....


14 DEC 2008 - SOME PICS FROM A LOCAL SHOW:   While digging through some unpublished photos from the summer, I ran across these pics from a show hosted by the St. Louis County Parks and Recreation Department, which is held annually at Jefferson Barracks in South St. Louis County.   If you live in the St. Louis area, here's a little trivia for you:  Did you know that Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, William Tecumseh Sherman, and Jefferson Davis, were all once stationed at Jefferson Barracks?


06 DEC 2008 - MORE ACD PICS:  As promised, here are some more photos from the big ACD weekend, in Auburn, Indiana...


07 NOV 2008 - HORSELESS CARRIAGE CLUB AT WESTPORT:  Click HERE for some pics from this year's HCCMO Westport Plaza Show, held back in the summer...


17 OCT 2008 - THE ACD MUSEUM, 2008:  Click HERE for some recent pics from the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, along with some of the NATMUS stuff.  Hey, it's almost just one big museum, even if they ARE separate entities...  Stay tuned for some pics from the ACD meet, and some pics from the big Kruse Auction...


26 SEP 2008 - BUICK CLUB OF AMERICA NATIONAL MEET, 2008:  Click HERE for some pics from this year's big BCA meet photos...


06 SEP 2008 - IOLA 2008:  Click HERE for some pics from this year's Old Cars Weekly extravaganza.  


17 AUG 2008 - SALUTING THE MODEL T ON PETIT JEAN MOUNTAIN:  Henry Ford III came down for this event, so it must have been something special.  Click HERE for a few pics...


22 JUL 2008 - CRUISIN' DOWN ROUTE 66 IN ALBUQUERQUE:  If you're into all this retro Americana stuff, whatever THAT is, then you owe it to yourself to see the short stretch of Route 66 that stretches through the heart of Albuquerque.   It's actually Central Avenue, and the locals will tell you not to go there. Or, at least that's what the Tourism Guide at the airport told me.  I went anyway.  It may not be the worst part of town, but I didn't care either way.  I had to see it.  I'm glad I did...  Click HERE for photos.


04 JUL 2008 - LEGENDS OF SPEED:  Yeah, I'm running about a month behind, as I actually snapped these photos at a vintage drag racing event held in Granite City, IL in early June... I don't even recall what the event was called, but I do know some of the cars were displayed in an area called "Legends of Speed".  Big Daddy was even there!   It was an event within an event... Want pics?  Go HERE.


17 JUN 2008 - A LOCAL HUDSON CLUB MEET:  These big ole Hudsons joined a few other orphans for a backyard show at a member's house... Just seeing all this big iron made me want to go out and buy a Hudson of my own!


18 MAY 2008 - BIG CLASSICS COME TO THE MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT:  The National Museum of Transport recently hosted a small gathering for the St. Louis Chapter of the Classic Car Club of America... Click HERE for photos.


23 APR 2008 - FINALLY, SOME EASTER PICS:  At long last, I've finally put together the photos from this year's Easter Show, hosted by the Horseless Carriage Club of Missouri... Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend this year, but my father snapped a few photos, as he was one of those brave souls who made the trek down to Forest Park for some cars, some wind, and even some snowflakes!  (I would have been there for the fun, but an injury had me sidelined...)   Click HERE for photos.  


22 FEB 2008 - ONE SAD RUXTON:  Several years have gone by since these photos were taken, and it looks like this poor old $3,000 car just might have been a pretty good buy, in hindsight.  Why?  Well, if you were watching tbe big Barrett-Jackson spectacle back in January, then you may have noticed that they rolled a really sweet Ruxton roadster over the block, during prime-time, no less... The hammer fell at something in the $400,000 range.  We were secretely hoping Mark Hyman, aka "Gentleman from St. Louis", as Craig Jackson put it, would buy her.  He almost did.  Yes, it was restored, and all nice and shiney... And, yes, it had a prototype 4 Cylinder engine.  But, nonetheless, it obviously made this poor thing look like a relative bargain, even though these pics were snapped a very long time ago... So, if you're curious about what I'm talking about, click HERE for the photos, circa 1992...  (Oh, BTW, Mark, if you're reading this, we all noticed the shirt... Just right for prime time TV.   You definitely didn't blend in with the curtains!  Definitely the right thing to get the attention of the guy with the hammer!)


03 FEB 2008 - ONE SWEET BUICK:  Need something to motivate you to get back out into that cold garage to complete that winter project you're working on???    Well, check out this Big, Bad Buick, which was rescued from years of neglect... Yes, it obviously took more than one winter's worth of effort, but all that hard work looks like it's paid off for our buddy Dave... Regular readers may remember seeing photos of this car a few years ago, when it was still just a rusty old coupe sitting in the woods.  I've included both before and after photos, in case anyone out there needs a little inspiration...  Click HERE for photos.


02 JAN 2008 - AS PROMISED - ANOTHER CLUB DE MER UPDATE:  Marty Martino has been working his tail off, with pics to prove it.  Click HERE for some recent photos, and we'll let Marty explain all how he's gone about these AMAZING re-creations...!  MORE PICS COMING!

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