Ever wonder how your favorite car was built?  Well, if your favorite car happens to be the 1959 Chevrolet, then read on... These came from a little book called "The Chevrolet Story, 1911-1959"... I've never seen another copy, so I thought it was worth sharing.  I've quoted the original captions below:

Pouring of hot metal from cupola into ladle at foundry.
Machines finish outer ends of rear axle housing for wheel bearings and brakes.
Removing of cylinder block casting from sand mold.
Machine finishing the cylinder bores on V8 engine block.
Engines are run under own power in final inspection test.
Workman removes front fender from a double-action press.
Inspecting ring gear and pinions prior to assembly.
Forming, sizing, and coining wheel rim.
Coil springs for rear end are compressed as frame moves down the line.
The famous Body by Fisher begins with the pan - or floor - of the car.
Now the roof meets the body and the car begins to take shape.
Engine is swung into position on rubber mountings.  Following installation of engine, the chassis is painted.
Chassis assembly is now complete and painted wheels are added.  Air wrench tightens all wheels nuts at one time.
Adjacent Fisher Body plant delivers bodies to Chevrolet assembly line.  Operator ready to drop body on chassis below.
Chevrolet's new Magic-Mirror acrylic lacquer requires nine painting steps, produces a more lustrous, brilliant finish.
Buffing smoothes the body before painting.
The windshield is placed in position.
Seats are placed in position as the bodies glide down the line.
Front end takes shape as fenders, grille and radiator are dropped (as a unit) into position.  Color of car is now evident.
Body meets chassis.  Workmen secure body to chassis.  Rear deck remains up for other assembly operations.
After final inspection, the new 1959 Chevrolets are loaded on haulaways or boxcars to speed them to the Chevrolet dealers of America.

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