Palace of Poison, 2009

Back in the '50s, the coolest hangout in all of St. Louis must have been Wild's Palace of Poison.  For one day in May, 2009, it lived again at the site of the original building, which was long ago torn down.  I don't know much about what inspired this recreation, but it was a fun day.  Click HERE for a link to a photo of the original site...



010a1.jpg 013c1.jpg 014d1.jpg
015e1.jpg 017f1.jpg 018g1.jpg 019h1.jpg
020i1.jpg 021j1.jpg 022k1.jpg 023l1.jpg
024m1.jpg 025n1.jpg 026o1.jpg 027p1.jpg
028q1.jpg 029r1.jpg 031s1.jpg 032t1.jpg
033u1.jpg 034v1.jpg 037x1.jpg 011b1.jpg

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