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09 MAR 2015:  THE CITIZEN'S PACKARD MUSEUM IN DAYTON, OHIO... A wonderful place to visit, but even more so if you're into Packards...  They have everything from cars to literature to airplane engines and boat motors.  Click HERE for some pics from a recent visit.


03 JUN 2014:  THE INDY MECUM AUCTION - What an event... Check out the pics.


24 APR 2014:  THE EASTER SHOW - Finally, winter is over!!!  For the second year in a row, the weather was delightful, and the cars were even better.  Go here for a few random photos...


25 JAN 2014:  THE BLACKHAWK MUSEUM- Here are a number of photos from the wonderful Blackhawk Museum in Danville, CA.  Put it on your to-do list, bucket list, whatever you want to call it.  It simply must be seen....


12 DEC 2013:  SAN FRANSISCO AUTO SHOW, 2103 - The Academy of Art University showed off some of their wonderful classics at this year's big extavaganza. Go HERE ...


22 OCT 2013:  MORE FUN IN TACOMA @ MARYMOUNT - Here are a few more photos from the OTHER LeMay museum - the original... I enjoyed this more than even the ACA, which I would not have thought was possible... Click HERE for photos.


22 OCT 2013:  HEY LADIES! - It has nothing to do with what this site is all about, but it might bring a chuckle.  Click HERE for a few photos of this Vietnam Vet I ran into down near Pike Place Market... He was offering "Kissing Lessons"...YES!!!  It's all up to you, your choice... You can have teeth, or no teeth.  (?) Take your pick before you whip out that cashola... I think he even takes credit cards!


22 AUG 2013:  THE LEMAY MUSEUM, THE ACA - What a wonderful thing this is... Truly "America's Car Museum".  Click here for a few photos, and start thinking about a visit to Tacoma.


11 JUN 2013:  THE KEMP INVITATIONAL - Here are are a few photos from the recent show in Chesterfield, Missouri... More photos are coming from the Grand Classic CCCA show held on the Saturday before this event....


03 APR 2013:  EASTER 2013 - After months of frigid weather, record snowfall, and all that other ugly stuff that comes with winter, along comes one absolutely beautiful day at the end of March.  Click HERE for photos... A good time was had by all!


26 JAN 2013:  FALL HERSHEY SWAP MEET PHOTOS -  As promised, here are a bunch of photos snapped at the big Hershey Swap meet held back in October...


07 JAN 2013:  THE FIRECHIEF RESPONDS TO A CALL -  Happy New Year!  Yes, there is some new stuff on the way, but in the meantime, I stumbled onto this crazy gem featured on Buzzfeed, so be sure to check out the old filmclip shown above.  It was shot in New York in April, 1926 as the fire chief responds to a call...


01 SEP 2012:  THE GENEVA CONCOURS D'ELEGANCE - Here are some photos from this year's spectacular event, honoring Packard...


29 JUNE 2012:  THE NATIONAL STUDEBAKER MUSEUM - If you haven't seen it, you need to.  Click HERE for a few photos...


12 MAY 2012:  ART OF THE SIGN - This site isn't supposed to be only about cars.  But, since most of the events we attend somehow relate to cars, that accounts for most of what you see here.  Last month I had the opportunity to attend a terrific event here in St. Louis that touched on something else that has always interested me - old signs.  I have a bunch of them, but I'd never much considered the notion that anyone would ever build a collection of signs that were not somehow related to automobiles.  Why would anyone do that?  Well, now I know.  Recently ARS Populi, a local art gallery, hosted a special opening night celebration for their display "Art of the Sign".  It was a fantastic display, full of humor, and whimsical artifacts from years gone by.  Close your eyes and picture a decapitated Bob's Big Boy sitting in a garden, or a 1940's era Spartan trailer floating in the sky, surrounded by neon.  Or, easier yet, just click HERE for the photos.  And if you ever wondered what happened to that big sign at Gaslight Square, well, by golly, they have it.... A big thanks goes out to Greg Rhomberg, and Bill Christman, for showing us all how cool old signs can be.


09 APR 2012:  EASTER SUNSHINE - Click HERE for about 250 photos from the big Easter Sunday shindig at Forest Park.  Hosted by the Horseless Carriage Club of Missouri, this is the big event people here in the Midwest wait all winter for.  Every year it just seems to get bigger, and this year was maybe the biggest ever.


11 FEB 2012:  FREESTYLIN' - Click HERE for a few snapshots from a recent visit to the beautiful new Antique Archaeology store, as seen on the History Channel's hit show "American Pickers". The shop is located at the old Marathon Motor Works factory just outside downtown Nashville, and it's well worth a visit if you like old stuff... And, yes, that really IS a twin-engined motorcycle, and, no, "the big boot" is no longer yellow, as it now has thousands of autographs on it.  From the number of names on the boot, it looks like business is booming!


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